I’m a father of two awesome daughters that amaze me every day.  I’m Head of Products at Docker where we we simplify the lives of millions of developers who are making world-changing apps.  And I love making things and helping my kids make things.

Before Docker I was at DigitalOcean, helping grow our product portfolio from a single product line to a full cloud offering. Over my time at DigitalOcean I held product leadership responsibility across our platform-as-a-service and developer experience units, working on products ranging from DigitalOcean Kubernetes to our App Platform, Managed Databases, and our Marketplace.

Before DigitalOcean, I was an engineer, solution architect, and PM/Design leader at venture-backed startups (Trilogy, iPhrase and Yesware) as well as a big company (IBM). I even had a stint as an entrepreneur, selling custom-printed photos— yes, that beautiful site and everything behind it is my handiwork 😜

Jake on LinkedIn

Long ago, I also took one photo a day for several months straight.  I want to do that again.