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Recapping the last year of developer-focused innovation in Docker Desktop

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DigitalOcean launches serverless product based on last year’s Nimbella acquisition

Techcrunch article on the launch of DigitalOcean Functions, based on the Nimbella acquisition that I helped orchestrate.

Introducing GitLab integration for DigitalOcean App Platform

DigitalOcean App Platform is a modern PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution that makes it super simple to build, deploy, manage, and scale apps. It’s fully managed, meaning App Platform does all the heavy lifting of provisioning and managing infrastructure, operating... Continue Reading →

Introducing Bring Your Own Container Image workflow for DigitalOcean App Platform

A few months ago, we launched DigitalOcean App Platform, our modern, reimagined PaaS (Platform as a Service) offering. App Platform makes it very easy to build, deploy, and scale apps and static sites. It’s a fully managed solution, meaning we handle... Continue Reading →

Deploying a VuePress Site to DigitalOcean App Platform

VuePress is a Vue-powered Static Site Generator. It was originally created to support the documentation needs of Vue sub projects. It's got a nice default theme that's well designed for documentation sites, and it can handle your blog in a... Continue Reading →

Introducing DigitalOcean App Platform: reimagining PaaS to make it simpler for you to build, deploy, and scale apps

It’s every developer’s dream to simply write code, click a button, and then automatically deploy and run their code at scale for millions or even billions of users. There’s an entire category of products commonly known as platform as a... Continue Reading →

From MVP to “MLP” (Minimum Lovable Product)—Building What Your Customers Care About

The Opposite of Greatness… mediocrity. It's easy to be lulled by the thought that the opposite of great is horrible.  When you believe this falsehood, then as long as nothing's failing catastrophically, things must be great. But the truth is that greatness is... Continue Reading →

Start with Why

This book and Simon's TED talk have a great message: all things are more powerful, in business and in life, when we are clear and consistent about WHY we are doing something.  WHY we are in business, WHY we are taking a... Continue Reading →

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