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How Square Lets me Spy on my Wife

Square is awesome... it helps millions of entrepreneurs and and small businesses easily accept credit card payments.  And they're super-smart.  For example, once I give them an email address for an electronic receipt from one merchant, they automatically send me email... Continue Reading →

If you can’t name it, don’t build it

We recently shipped Touchpoints, a new feature in Yesware. It allows sales reps to create standardized plans for reaching out to their customers and prospects (e.g. an email followed by a phone call, then a LinkedIn connect, followed by one... Continue Reading →

Arduino Haunted House 2016

This year marked our 3rd annual Arduino-controlled Haunted House.  The girls helped me out, and we created two entirely new props: floating phantasm and grim reaper coffin.  I'll follow up with some how-to posts well before next Halloween. More... Continue Reading →

One Week Make-ation

I took a week long vacation so I could build a piece of furniture. I didn’t know what I was getting into. Yes, I have some tools. Yes, I’ve built a quick and dirty workbench out of 2x4s.  But I’ve... Continue Reading →

Stop Motion LEGO Movie

My daughters and I had a blast making our first stop-motion movie.  We used Stop Motion Studio and an iPhone to create this masterpiece.

Design at Yesware – Invision Blog

Invision wrote a great blog post about design at Yesware.  Eileen Ani, our Lead Product designer has done a ton over the past 3-4 years to drive design as a priority and differentiator here at Yesware We got to the... Continue Reading →

My First Autonomous Robot

It may not look like much, but this is the first autonomous robot I've built.  That board on top is an Arduino Uno that has a simple program to make the motors move forward, pause, then move backward.

Watching Star Wars as a Maker Family

It was with excitement and trepidation that I watched Star Wars with my two daughters (aged 5 and 6) for the first time this week. I had been waiting 6 years for this moment, but at the same time I... Continue Reading →

The Most Overlooked Way of Stimulating Team Creativity

I originally wrote the following article for Harvard Business Review   Fostering a workplace environment that’s conducive to creativity is a top priority for many companies—and it’s no surprise why. The companies dubbed most creative actually outperform their counterparts in... Continue Reading →

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