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My First Autonomous Robot

It may not look like much, but this is the first autonomous robot I've built.  That board on top is an Arduino Uno that has a simple program to make the motors move forward, pause, then move backward.

Watching Star Wars as a Maker Family

It was with excitement and trepidation that I watched Star Wars with my two daughters (aged 5 and 6) for the first time this week. I had been waiting 6 years for this moment, but at the same time I... Continue Reading →

The Most Overlooked Way of Stimulating Team Creativity

I originally wrote the following article for Harvard Business Review   Fostering a workplace environment that’s conducive to creativity is a top priority for many companies—and it’s no surprise why. The companies dubbed most creative actually outperform their counterparts in... Continue Reading →

Yesware’s Poker-Chip System For Deciding Which Big Ideas To Bet On Next

I originally wrote this article for Fast Company At Yesware, the future of new products and innovations rests squarely in the hands of employees and a unique system involving nothing more high-tech than poker chips. At Boston-based Yesware, a four-year-old... Continue Reading →

The tech and pizza promise: Why your product must deliver more in less

I originally wrote this article for The Next Web Humans are wired to crave immediate joy, from pizza delivery in 30 minutes or less to morning coffee in five. But with lengthy install times and complicated user interfaces, software by... Continue Reading →

Dojo Edit in Place

I almost missed it, but yes, Dojo does have an “edit in place” widget.  For example: Clicking on the text “Beans” gives you an input box like this: It’s really easy to use there’s very good detailed documentation.  You just... Continue Reading →

My NerdKit Works

All I did was follow instructions, but hey… it worked!  Of course, it didn’t work at first since I put the wrong resistor on the LCD’s contrast pin.  Lesson learned: use a good light when reading resistor color codes. As... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I Forget How Amazing this Stuff Is

I just got a NerdKit today, and I'm excited to start playing (as soon as I find my wire cutters).  But even just reading through their guide (which is part textbook part hands-on lab manual), is fun. Stuff like this... Continue Reading →

Windows Restarted My Computer

Who decided that Windows 7 (or any version for that matter) should restart my computer by default?  I'm talking about Windows Update.  It's great that I'm protected from the latest meanies, but now I have to race to get things... Continue Reading →

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